There are different types of contests on Instagram:

With “like” to win contests, you simply put up an update and ask users to like.

If they do, you enter them into the specific contest involved. Assuming you own a tattoo studio, you could upload pictures of the tattoos you are selling and have followers compete to like them in order to proceed to the next level.

The second type of contest is the “hashtag” user-generated type. Here, you develop a hashtag specifically for a contest and then ask users to share a video clip or an image file using the tag in order to participate. In the tattoo business, you could use a tag like #tattoogiveawaycontest.

Another option, “Email gated contests”. With this you asks the users to provide their email addresses in order to enter your contests. This is a great way to build a solid email list. However, before you start sending mail, you will have to ask permission from the user.

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