Instagram has changed its algorithm for this 2019. Now, the most relevant posts for the user are prioritized so they appear the first one when scrolling down. This new algorithm takes into account the engagement and posts are not shown any longer chronologically.  However, the recency of the post, the interest the user has shown with similar content/accounts and the relationship with the user are the three main variable that Instagram’s algorithm uses.

Nowadays, what it is important is the engagement you have with your followers. Following the formula below we can see what it is the true reach of your posts. If you are a normal user, your profile will have normally a 12-15% engagement. Most influencers or companies have profiles with a lot of followers but a low engagement since their followers are not “real friends”. So, the true reach is the amount of people that you will reach and will see your posts.

True Reach = (Engagement/Followers)*100

We can see that, in the above picture, The Rock is the one who has the highest true reach due to its great engagement through quality content. This would be one of the causes of its recent success on Instagram.

In conclusion, if you want your account to be better position you should get focus on building relationship with your followers rather than just on the reach. This relationship can be built by prompting user to comment, interact and share your posts. An Instagram contest would be a great example for the creation of this bond.

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