Ignowan has taken a step forward into the tattoo industry and it has imposed itself as a reference in the digital marketing of the aforesaid niche market.

Ignowan is now responsible of managing the venue of guests tattoo artists and the global image (social networks management) of “Blessed Art Tattoo”: one the best studio in Barcelona. Celebrities such as Neymar, Niki Jam, Luis Suárez and more, have given their trust to get tattooed by talented tattoo artists such as Samuel Rico and Albert Bonet.


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Samuel Rico and Albert Bonet work as resident artists in the studio and are known for their excellent hyperrealist tattoos. They keep winning awards and international distinctions besides innovating day by day on the tattoo art.

If you want to come as a guest in one of the best studios in Spain or get tattooed by the best tattoo artists on the planet, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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