InkonSky aims to become the leading social media app for the tattoo fans, by creating an unique community of tattoo artists who publish daily their works and benefit of the outstanding features available on the app for free.

InkonSky was launched at the end of 2013. By the end of 2014, InkonSky achieved the number one position when searching on the Google for “tatuadores” in Spain. This motivate it the subsequently expansion to other countries. Nowadays, Ignowan possess the 50% of InkonSky project and is working on the relaunch, expansion and implementation in other countries.

Social Network for
Tattoos fans

Project Details

An interactive map is at the disposal of the user for a greater searching experience permitting to filter by style, artists and location. Users can validate positively and negatively the pictures and Ignowan publishes weekly rankings where the best valued artists are awarded. It is been seen that these rankings draw a strong traffic to the website.

We believe in the importance of a well-informed, free and connected community for the correct functioning of the tattoo market.

An API service permits to link to the artists InkonSky’s profil, the other social media platforms accounts to agglomerate the maximum information available.

InkonSky, also offers, if the artist wishes, a professional free website when registering for an InkonSky profile.

An efficient booking system is offered with the website for a better connection with the client and better management of the artists agenda.


This new relaunched of InkonSky is backed up by the previous successful sponsorships of L’Oréal Paris, Bayer, Balm Tattoo and the recorded traffic of the website causing the shotdown of the servers for 37 times in the month.

But the key of success InkonSky was the capacity of creating a loyal community for the app with highly interesting content akin to the tattoo sector.

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